Retail: How to boost average transaction value

The retail and fashion industry is facing one of the most complicated years. Despite the recent opening of new points of sale, the number of visitors has decreased with a high volatility that ranges from 40% to 90% drops. In this context, the only way for retailers to overcome the economic crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic, minimize the impact on sales and even grow is to increase the average value of transactions
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At Atrivity we know that retail professionals need their entire commercial network of stores to be trained effectively and efficiently at the same time in order to achieve their objectives. For this reason, in our webinar "Retail: how to increase the average transaction value" our Retail Industry Director Max Buges explains in detail how to boost sales in stores through a fast-track training program. Let's get started!

#1 - Implement Gamification in your business

The large retail companies are immersed in a process of constant digital transformation in all areas, with the aim of continuing to generate value. It is essential for retail professionals to have technology that allows them to carry out business level training in a scalable way, with global reach and focused on people. How can you implement a gamified training program?

There are mobile solutions such as Atrivity that are high impact and data driven, accelerating knowledge and communication. You can transform any training material into information that is easily absorbed by teams, while offering flexibility over time so that employees can complete challenges when and where they want. Thanks to this new methodology, your sales force will be more engaged and motivated to learn!

retail - fasttrack - plan - strategies - training - sales - average - transaction - value

#2 - Motivate through emotion 

Motivation through emotion is one of the key factors in achieving better results in any learning and training process. How can you do this in your store network? It is essential that the mentality and orientation of the training is focused on the person. The employees in your stores are the small pieces that form the engine of your business. By creating a bottom-up approach to store teams through challenges, quizzes and competitive games, you take motivation to the highest levels

Atrivity's example: 

Thanks to mobile applications like Atrivity you can put your employees at the centre of training. How? Through a fast-track training program you can train your commercial store network on specific or individual categories as some of the TOP companies in the sector already do. In just 5 days you will be able to transmit to your teams the necessary product knowledge, story telling, sales speech, cross selling or up selling to increase the ATV of your stores.retail - fasttrack - plan - strategies - training - sales - average - transaction - value

#3 - Convert your material into Micro-Contents 

Providing large amounts of information to employees through long training sessions with minimal interaction is not an effective or efficient method and will only lower motivation levels. How can you enhance your training? It is very simple. Create a focused approach to micro learning through the delivery of micro content with agile micro planning. Remember that on many occasions, less is more! 

⭐ Atrivity's example:

Imagine storing all informational content and relevant business communications in one place, organized into collections. Now, thanks to Atrivity's solution, it's possible! Through the use of the app you will be able to develop an agile, effective and efficient training program across all categories. Simplifying the information in small doses helps with the correct absorption of the content, to dynamize the use and participation of e-learning  platforms. 

#4 - Analyze the results obtained

Companies usually carry out extensive training without resources to be able to analyse the results obtained or the degree of knowledge. An excellent way to measure results is to provide key metrics to obtain information individually or by store teams. How? Atrivity's experts recommend playing competitive games through scoring. It's a practical way to bring out the competitive gene we all carry within us and allows you to analyze the results through a knowledge map. Remember! What is not measured, cannot be improved.

retail - fasttrack - plan - strategies - training - sales - average - transaction - value

Another action you can take within your competitive games is to link the score to prizes or incentives. Good results should be rewarded! Competitive games that are rewarded encourage employee commitment, collaboration and the achievement of knowledge development. 



Atrivity's team conclusions

In order to overcome the current economic crisis caused by COVID-19, the retail sector must focus its efforts on developing a high impact and high performance program that provides the teams with the necessary tools to increase the average value of transactions and have an impact on store sales results. Offering points of sale a new digital experience, identifying knowledge and skill gaps are the perfect formula for boosting ATV.

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