Boost End of Year Sales through Proven Training and Communication Strategies

It is undeniable that the Christmas season is one of the most important and especially this year as a great opportunity to overcome the losses suffered due to the closure of distribution channels because of the COVID-19 pandemic. You are probably asking yourself, how can I get the most out of my sales? Planning ahead and training your teams on promotions, product portfolios, new launches and the competition is all that is needed to boost sales at this crucial time of year.boost-end-of-year-sales-training-communication-strategies-channel-atrivity

At Atrivity, we have developed several proven strategies that have already helped global companies to boost seasonal sales which we have shared in our webinar "Boost End of Year Sales through Proven Training and Communication Strategies" led by Dario De Sá, Account Executive and Santiago Úbeda, Chief Services Officer. In this blog, you will discover some of the best practices and tips in order to: 

  • Keep in touch with partners and employees in one place with a single click: without strong communications, you risk losing a considerable chunk of profit.
  • Notify a certain group of affiliates about newest offers or any sudden changes quickly.
  • Monitor sales team training and communication through regular statistical and analytical reports and reinforce programs where most of the knowledge gaps are.


Challenge #1 - Train different sales teams in different countries

The biggest companies have an extensive network of distribution channels across different countries, different time zones and with a large number of products from several brands. Can you imagine being able to communicate, engage and train all employees in real time regardless of where they are? There are tools such as Atrivity that can help you develop a training plan that brings together in a single feed all the information that your employees can review at any time and in any place.


How is this possible? These types of platforms are capable of sending simultaneous challenges to all employees, so that they learn as they play and challenge each other through a wide variety of automatic competitive games. In doing this, some of the most important companies are increasing efficiency, reducing costs and allowing their employees to adapt quickly to current needs. 

The results of the launch of training programs at a global level have meant a reduction in training effort with over 85% participation throughout the year, thanks to the dynamics of the game and an increase in knowledge of 40% in all employees as they have the possibility of repeating the most failed questions or topics. Incredible, isn't it? 

Challenge #2 - Engage employees who belong to different channel companies

Another of the most important challenges facing brands is to generate product commitment from people who do not work for the company but for different channel companies. A burning question is often: How can I highlight my product over the competition without having direct contact with the sales representatives? It seems a somewhat complex task but it is very simple because... Everyone has a smartphone! 

Creating a completely new digital training channel with sales reps via mobile phones allows you to connect your staff in one place! Through a 3 month training program you can launch individual games with all the training content and then competitive games between sales teams to show who has the most knowledge. By spreading the training load over such a long period of time it is more effective and the game dynamics mean that players spend between 1-2 hours answering 100-200 questions.


Through mobile platforms such as Atrivity, the TOP companies in the sector have achieved the registration of more than 80% of the audience. In addition, with the innovative game mechanics that are easy for players to use, they have managed to engage employees to complete training courses and obtain results of more than 90% of knowledge in specific product areas. How can you measure these results? The app allows you to get comprehensive analytics on the most failed questions and categories by player, shop, channel and share them with just one click. 

Challenge #3 - Align the training format with your digital transformation process

In many occasions we have been able to imagine that the future of work points to a world run by robots, AI or machines replacing employees. Beyond this utopia, a large part of the workforce at leading companies in industries such as automotive, food and cosmetics is spread out in different places due to business models and changing circumstances of the current situation. How can you unify and deliver quality training simultaneously? 

Top companies across many sectors are undergoing a profound digital transformation and use digital applications such as Atrivity to transfer key knowledge and involve all employees remotely. Through this technology, training leaders are able to unify all activities in different competitive battles, allowing employees around the world to have fun and learn at the same time without stopping operations.


What were the results of these sessions? In less than 5 days each employee has been able to answer up to 200 specific questions individually, increasing knowledge in all subjects by 40% and identifying knowledge gaps thanks to a knowledge map included at the end of each training session. It is a tool that is perceived as useful, fun and in which employees participate intensely, minute by minute outside of working hours!


Summary of Atrivity's team's tips for an impactful sales force performance training: 

Now more than ever to boost year-end sales it is essential to have the right training and communication tools to enable your teams to adapt to VUCA environments. Through gamification employees only need a mobile phone, allowing them to find a moment during the day to answer  challenges in a social and viral way.  In addition, the attractive format of a game persuades and engages employees to promote your product by becoming experts on it. 

The sales force does not have time to refresh their knowledge about the Christmas season products or new launches. Thanks to a strategic training you have the possibility to train on UPT and increase the ATV in one of the most challenging years for the industry in a dynamic, effective and efficient way.


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