Pharma & Medtech: How to Boost Product Launches with a Mobile Game

Enabling sales reps and HCPs to keep up with new product releases is one of the main goals of pharma marketers and product managers worldwideBoosting performance requires relevant product knowledge and effective sales training. However, there are some challenges they face along the way in order to accomplish this goal. 

Nowadays, digital transformation is a common reality in which we use technology to optimize any kind of process. In this case, a mobile gaming strategy has been a great solution to improve training and overall performance in the launch of new pharma and med-tech products.


Earlier this year Jaume Juan, CEO of Compettia and an expert in applying gamified solutions to the pharma and medtech industry, revealed in a webinar how a mobile game strategy can be used internally to engage employees and boost product launches.  

He took our app Atrivity as an example and discussed how our mobile game is being used to solve common big challenges like:

Lack of interest and engagement

When launching new pharma products, keeping your sales force motivated is very important. But engaging sales reps and HCP’s using the old, common methods of communication and training can sometimes be quite difficult. 

With a mobile game app, employees can be informed and trained about new product launches in a very different way... Can you imagine playing a game with all the info and details about a specific product or topic? Employees don't even realize they are actually training and learning thanks to the game format!

PharmaGameAtrivity Game for Pharma 

Big Logistic costs

Multiple sales rep and HCP training sessions require a big investment.  To plan this training (which will not be entirely successful) in different regions and in many cases different countries at the same time means investing a large amount of time, resources and money.

With a mobile app solution, people can train around the globe by just downloading an app. This means that logistic costs are not required. Sales reps and HCPs can train whenever they want, anytime they want, anywhere in the world.

Lack of time for training

Did you know what many companies face from their employees when it comes to sales training? I don't have time, I have meetings, etc. You name it, they have heard it! Sales reps and HCP’s are always busy. In order to train them in a compatible way that suits their busy schedules, you can use micro-content learning. For example, with a mobile game like Atrivity, sales reps and HCPs receive content divided into multiple communications and challenges spread over the day. Each challenge takes just 60 seconds to complete. It therefore becomes easy for sales reps and HCPs to find time to engage with the game without impeding their own work. Product launch Pharma and Medtech

How Atrivity helps with solving challenges
lack of time for

Standard and effective deployment in different regions simultaneously

Operating across multiple regions with different time zones is another huge challenge companies face with effectively training their employees.  Different languages and time zones require juggling many different factors to create a well-balanced training experience for everyone. With a mobile app, your investment can pay off immediately. Thanks to multi-language support, a player in Germany can use the app in German, answer questions in German and challenge their colleagues in France or the United States to answer the same questions, and these players will see them in French and English, respectively.

Pharma game language

Your Atrivity game supports multiple languages, meaning reduced time required to rollout in a specific market or globally

If you want to find out more details on how to face these challenges related to product launches in the Pharma and Medtech industries, take a look at our webinar ''Boost your Next Product Launch with a Knowledge Game for Pharma and Medtech''  and find out about our groundbreaking  solution that is changing the way companies train their employees around the world. 


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