5 Effective Ways to Motivate Your Remote Workers

The crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic is the current scenario with which companies tend to find themselves and is one of the greatest challenges for HR professionals. Time trial works to solve two major challenges, teleworking and the temporary modification of work routines in many positions that leads to employees who cannot carry out their work on a regular basis right now.1200x627-3

At Atrivity, we have been offering innovative solutions to give simplicity and freshness to very established dynamics within large corporations for years and for this reason, with the intention of providing a positive approach, we present 5 creative ideas that HR directors can propose to teams to motivate them and reinforce their commitment to the company in a time as complex as today´s.  

#1 Make Employees Known Both Remotely and Original 

It is time to inform and give visibility into everyone's work in a special way. It is the workers and their daily tasks that mark the operations of a company, from the finance intern to the national sales manager. All employees play a role, achieve objectives and represent value for the company. This has to be shared with everyone through the usual internal communication channels and launching challenges that of offer greater knowledge. Below, we present you the advice from one of our experts:

Presents your employees

#2 Promote remote activities among small random groups.

Working from home can be overwhelming. There are many factors that hinder concentration and might even lead to lower performance. Those responsible for human resources must be aware that it is an exceptional situation and when it ends, they need everyone to be as committed as were when it started. Besides,  they need to be able to resume a rhythm of work damaged by the paralysis of many operations.

Create groups of different sizes and responsibilities and call them into weekly activities that are not directly related to the job with the goal to distract. For example, create weekly remote yoga meetings, or meet with them to see a movie and then comment on it, propose a simple cooking class, or create hour-long sessions with entertainers who virtually entertain the little ones. 

These ideas and many others you might think of can give that necessary sense of ¨freshness¨ to your company´s daily routines.

#3 Create a #Weekly  to comply with and promote it on the internal social network or even on the company Linkedin

Didn´t you mention that celebrities are challenging each other at this moment? Why don't you call this initiative up on your team? We are not talking about making 10 touches with toilet paper or throwing a bucket of ice water, but perhaps you can promote something that associates the company, the brand, your culture and values ​​to a shared challenge.

For example, what challenges could a pharmaceutical company launch to its commercial team? Well, they can say 3 medicines that start with the first letter of their last name. Do you dare?


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#4 Add Weekly Training Objectives.

During this time, you should take advantage of the available training resources and apply them intelligently during working hours. It is already complex enough to manage the formations under normal conditions, now it has even become a greater challenge. Not only because of having a longer time, but there is also a greater predisposition to study. It also offers new elements and marks the objectives to be met. Propose a new learning weekly, and verify that it is being acquired correctly through fun and fresh dynamics in which the worker is not even aware that he or she is being evaluated. Another great idea is to add gamification! Solutions like Atrivity helps you to ensure this ¨freshness¨ and ¨hook¨ to the formations, just as these moments demand.

1 week, 1 piece of content and 3 daily challenges. It helps managers to create a correct training agenda and establish the most appropriate questions so that learning is complete, simple and effective.


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#5 Create different totally free coaching programs

Labour changes require measures that help workers to assume them correctly. It is time to introduce the figure of the coach in any of its modalities. Talk to managers, create similar job and behaviour profiles within the company, and offer joint and/or personal sessions with a professional coach. Investing in these sessions will be beneficial in the short- and medium-term since you will reinforce behaviours and enhance the commitment of each employee to the business project once we overcome the crisis.


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What Conclusions Can Be Drawn From This?

Each of these initiatives must be agreed by the direction, but must be presented as a firm commitment to create a climate of security, continuity and improvement at a time when we must all look to the future, empathize with our partner and find solutions.

#workingfromhome Atrivity bets on seeing the glass half full

Remotely engage your workforce

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Remotely engage wour workforce

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