7 tips to motivate your Sales Team

The goal of a Sales Team is clear: Achieve the target. But what do they need to be successful? First of all, sales reps should have the right tools to make their jobs easier and to stay motivated. And of course they need the right preparation and knowledge about the product/service they are selling. Therefore, it is key to integrate into any business strategy elements or techniques that encourage motivation and involvement.


In a constantly evolving environment, as it is nowadays, sales teams need to face the adoption of new tools and forms of management straight away in order to stay competitive.

From Atrivity we know the importance of motivating the sales team and we wanted to summarize 7 tips that any sales director can apply to be successful.

#1 Encourage training sessions for your team. Involve them!

Continuous learning is often a motivating element for employees. In many cases the way in which it is applied, might not be convincing and does not contribute to an improvement in motivation and productivity.

Your duty as a leader is to encourage, surprise and involve them in the training. Introducing a WOW effect that reminds them of what they have learned, and allows you to detect knowledge gaps and act on time.

Solutions such as Atrivity offer this differentiating element that provides successful knowledge absorption. With the same tool you can communicate any news or relevant information to your team and associate them with game dynamics to consolidate the message.



#2 Provide them with a message that adds value to their commercial speech.

It is vital for the sales area to offer a message focused on positioning the differential value of products or services with respect to the competition. More than 65% of companies recognize that they are using resources similar to those of their competitors.

Teach your team to see the differential value of your product / service. Gather them and transmit them that differentiate message. Help them with your experience and find this unique value with which each salesperson feels comfortable. This will improve their results and they will feel more comfortable in their speech.

 #3 Leading by example.

Be a leader, not a boss. Transmit the company's values through hard work, listen to their requests, value their effort and show them examples on how objectives can be achieved if they feel involved with the company’s values.

Achieving the entire sales team being involved, goes beyond focusing on the mere fact of selling, it involves providing all members with a certain independence, capacity and sense of belonging to the group.

A practical example of motivation is McDonald's. The brand implemented Atrivity’s game dynamics with the aim of boosting the training participation. As result, the commitment to the firm increased .  

Atrivity meets the requirements of our interest to achieve our goals and increase the commitment of our employees to the brand"- Cristina Coca-Training Coordinator

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#4 Make them active participants in the digital sale.

Digital selling is something no sales director should overlook. Currently, the process of digitization forces companies to integrate within their strategies tools that promote sales through this channel.

Digitizing certain processes allows to offer greater autonomy to our customers, they decide when, how and how much, but we also get a better traceability of their behavior that help us make more intelligent decisions.

Now, as a director, you will have relevant data about customers, so you can help your team to follow strategies based on real data. They can have a wider range of sales, from face-to-face to digital, gaining time to find new opportunities.

#5 Search, test and find the technology that will help them.

A great way to motivate a sales team is through technology. Providing the right technological tools will make your work more efficient and you will meet certain needs during the sales process.

For example, field salespeople need to have a mobile CRM that gives them freedom and helps them automate processes, increase their account knowledge whenever they need it, report in real time and most importantly: work with updated information.


Offer apps that will help them in their day to day, for example if your team usually drives to their clients, it is good that you recommend them to have a parking app.

Give them useful technology, but don't make them dizzy with too many tools, try to find those that solve several needs in one. For example, Atrivity simplifies the way you communicate with them, merges communication and business training into a single tool and transforms workers into followers of the company and its news.

#6 Teach them the most innovative methodologies.

For your team to sell well, they must know how to do it efficiently and always keeping the potential customer in mind. Train them with innovative methods. This will allow them to have a broader view of the complexity of executing a successful business strategy. Here are two of the methods that have produced the best results in recent years:

SPIN Method

It is a technique focused on customer service, which is to find out the needs of customers an creates an interest based on the benefits provided by the product or service. It consists of 4 steps: Situation, Problem, Implication and Need pay off.
  • Situation: Establish buyer’s current situation.
  • Problem: Identify problems the buyer faces that your product solves.
  • Implication: Explore the causes and effects of those problems.
  • Need-Payoff: Show why your product is worth it.

SNAP Method

The over-saturation of customer information is in many cases a major obstacle for sellers. The SNAP method focuses on the buyer's way of thinking and how they make decisions to positively influence the purchase.

It consists of 4 rules:


Fuente: lucidchart.com

#7 Stop selling, start consulting. Empower your team.

You must influence your team in a positive way and make them feel an essential part of the strategy: their work brings value, which is indeed reality. Turn them into expert consultants of a product, service or theme. Give them the maximum information so that they feel confident and can create an intelligent sales argument aligned to the company. Encourage them to foster long-term relationships with their customers, if they consider your sales team as experts, they will ask for advice and strengthen their relationship.

This process is known as Inbound Sales, since it is the customer who shows the interest in the product or service and the salesperson must offer honest advice to help them make the best decision. The objective is not to sell directly, but to build a long-term relationships.

Conclusions on  the 7 tips to get more from your sales team.

It is essential for the success of sales teams to adapt to the continuous evolution of the environment caused by digitization and the change in the way customers consume. To do this, it is necessary to align employees with values, vision and mission of the company. Equip them with appropriate technological tools and motivate teams from a continuous learning. Every investment in your team is reflected in improving results.

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