Increase Participation in your E-learning Program With a Mobile Game

Getting your employees to engage and participate in all your e-learning programs is typically a big challenge faced by many companies. Engagement rates are low due to many employees failing to complete them.  E-learning platforms are a great source of content. However, they can only be useful if employees review and retain the content.Elearning_participation

In order to solve this common issue, Jaume Juan, our CEO, explained how to leverage gamification and  how to use apps like Atrivity in our webinar "Increase Participation in your E-learning Program With a Mobile Game Strategy" to face the most typical challenges around this important subject like: 

Employee ''unwillingness and laziness'' to learn

Most employees are unwilling and lazy to learn because e-learning programs are often perceived as tedious or boring.
HR managers are always looking for solutions to increase employees' engagement, and a mobile game strategy is one of the best solutions.

For example,  with Atrivity, employees play with each other and run challenges using relevant content from your e-learning program. This makes your game (from your e-learning program) become social and viral. You can therefore use a  mobile app to make your e-learning program interactive and engaging.

Elearning game

Participants get instant gratification from winning a challenge

Employees lack of time
Nowadays, employees' have hectic schedules full of meetings and appointments. As a consequence, e-learning modules unfortunately get cast aside. As a way to compensate for employees' lack of time, organizations have gradually moved towards mobile games using micro-content learning. With Atrivity, content is divided into multiple challenges spread over the day. These challenges help optimize valuable time: one challenge takes only 60 seconds! Employees can therefore find some time to engage with the game. They can use the mobile app everywhere and anytime.

Onboarding program for new
Here is another big challenge many organizations face today: how to get new employees onboarded quickly so they can be productive on the job. Organizations seek solutions to create and manage onboarding programs that are effective, attractive and clear. For example, Atrivity offers an intensive onboarding game. Easy to install on mobile devices and available in multiple languages, players can join the game whenever they want and learning managers integrate relevant content into the game available to all participants. It offers them a standard learning program that players can review whenever they want. The mobile game also includes surveys and interactivity through challenges that encourages new employees to complete the program.

Create awareness 
To increase awareness of e-learning courses, the internal communication or promotion of  relevant content must be engaging and attractive. With mobile games, employees are learning in a unique way which allows companies to connect with each employee directly through sending attractive messages and communications. This adds credibility to your e-learning program and makes it well-known throughout the organization.

Elearning participation game
Many organizations are using  great LMS platforms like TalentLMS, Docebo or Moodle  but they are not exploiting their full potential due to the same challenges explained before.

If you want to learn how to solve these challenges, and understand more about how to drive participation in your e learning program, check out our webinar:
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