Why Simple Mobile Technology is Essential for HR Communications in 2018

Mobile technology continues to grow, making it the best way to improve HR communications. With the ubiquity of smartphones and use of text messaging to reach out to the employees they serve, a human resources department will quickly see the benefits of using SMS. Younger workers already prefer text messaging. HR departments can take advantage of this user behavior to engage with employees.

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The benefits of mobile communications for HR departments in 2018 include:

Most Employees are Familiar with Smartphones

The vast majority of individuals in the workforce carry around a smartphone for personal and business use. With so many people already familiar with the technology, it is a seamless transition to go from emails and phone calls to text messaging when it comes to reaching employees. HR departments have a busy job, and one that depends on clear communication with the employees they serve. Text messaging is a familiar form of communication and makes it simple for HR to leverage this channel.

Productivity is Improved

Mobile solutions for HR departments in 2018 are important because productivity improves by 20-25% in organizations with connected employees. Employees communicate with each other and with consumers on social media using mobile devices. To keep your employees more productive, solid communication is necessary. Text messaging is going to give everyone a way to communicate that is fast, effective and accessible.

Reach Employees Through Texting

Employees who are on the go may not have access to an email account, but they have the ability to receive text messages. Text messages have a 98% open rate compared to emails only having a 20% open rate. When you want to reach your employees, they are going to read a text message long before an email gets read. In fact, chances are high that the email isn't going to be read at all.

Why Simple Mobile Technology is Essential for HR Communications in 2018

Employees are More Connected to the Company

Nothing is worse than employees who feel disconnected from the company they work for. To improve employee understanding of product through better engagement, you have to look for ways to boost overall communication. Text messaging is one way employees can communicate without wasting much time in their day. With two-way communication, they can ask quick questions, send a message to HR, or request time off through texting.

Time Isn't Wasted

Text messaging is easy to access, and this means less wasted time. Employees can submit timesheets, find out how much sick time they have and report scheduling changes through text messaging. This frees up your HR department to handle more extensive administrative tasks.

Onboarding New Employees Is Easier

Text messaging speeds up the recruitment process. From setting up interview times, to preparing a new hire for the first day, text messaging gives your HR department the ability to get a new employee onboard faster. New hires can ask questions, get directions to the training facility, and receive forms that need to be filled out prior to arrival. 90 day

With text messaging capability set up for your HR department, this will make the job of your HR department much easier in 2018 and beyond. Employees are already using smartphones, and most prefer to communicate through text messaging than through any other form. Your HR department will be able to automate tasks, get new employees onboarded faster, and reduce the time spent trying to communicate with employees through phone messages and email. Make 2018 productive for your HR department and get started with text messaging.

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