Remote Visit: 3 Plans for HCPs

The major health crisis created by the coronavirus pandemic has highlighted the model of visits based exclusively on attendance.  Pharmaceutical companies are re-designing their business models to adapt to current needs and prepare for future volatile environments, customization and digital enablement to ensure the successful launch of the new vaccine and other general medicines.
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Pharmaceutical organizations face a double challenge. Not only must they address COVID-19 through the development and distribution of new vaccines, they must also continue to provide innovative therapies and diagnostics. So far, the commercial and production model has been based exclusively on presence, but the current situation we are experiencing makes it necessary to re-design the channels of contact with medical professionals.

Healthcare professionals require information about the products they prescribe, but due to their day-to-day situations, they need flexibility to receive it. It is the responsibility of pharmaceutical laboratories to have agile, dynamic and digital mechanisms to respond to current needs. How can you achieve this? 

At Atrivity, we have extensive experience in offering digital programs that you will be able to include in your strategic plans for 2021 and take virtual communication with medical professionals to the next level. In this blog post you will find 3 proven plans for healthcare professionals that have seen  brilliant results:


Plan #1 - Align the messages for Sales, Access, Medical and Marketing

Before the pandemic, doctors were visited simultaneously by Market Access, sales and medical department teams. Typically, these teams met within the hospital or in informal day-to-day interactions to align messages. This has changed completely as these teams are now remote, so it is essential to develop a single channel that brings together the different players. You may ask yourself "How can I get my teams together?" Here is the solution:

Our successful program: 

Atrivity's team has developed a digital program called "One Voice" that allows all messages from the entire territorial team to be unified with the doctor through the same channel. In addition, the advantage for the medical professional is that he or she will have access to all the content in a digital library. What does this mean? Each doctor will have information from independent departments on their smartphone, such as: the Market Access pharmacological report, sales department's valuable commercial arguments and the medical department's patient profile study.

But that's not all! You are going to offer the necessary flexibility so that each health professional can review the digital library at any time, in any place and consult it as many times as necessary. Finally, the pharmaceutical company receives feedback on the information that has been most useful and relevant to the entire communication process.

Pharmaceutical Industry - Remote Visit - Healthcare Professional - Sales - Commercial - Product Launch - Vaccine - Covid19 - Coronavirus

Plan #2 - Stand out at a virtual congress

Once again, the pharmaceutical industry is undergoing a profound process of digitization and has initiated a number of virtual congresses. One of the biggest challenges is to ensure the understanding of the evidence and to give your presence a higher profile than other speakers. How can you achieve this goal? Through a personalized app you can extend the experience of the event beyond the day of the event. How? Here is our second plan:

Our successful program:

One month before the start of the Symposium, we welcome all virtual attendees and invite them, highlighting our own activity. In addition, it is possible to include a short survey to find out which topics of interest are preferred by medical professionals to be addressed during the session. Once the information obtained has been processed, an agenda is defined with the main topics to be discussed and through Atrivity's mobile application, you can send previous questions to the speakers in order to align the participation prior to the event.

Once the day of the event has arrived, you will be able to send a reminder of the time, the virtual room and a summary of the agenda using the notification system of the mobile application itself. During the event, you will have the ability to dynamize and capture the attention of your audience by launching live questions related to the content explained, obtaining an increase in traffic more effective than other virtual stands that did not perform this action. As a final result in the post event, you will be able to analyze all the questions answered, the level of learning, least understood topics and more importantly, for each attendee. All this information will allow you to develop further plans to improve knowledge gaps or to reinforce less understood topics.

Pharmaceutical Industry - Remote Visit - Healthcare Professional - Sales - Commercial - Product Launch - Vaccine - Covid19 - Coronavirus

Plan #3 - Establish a new digital communication channel to impact doctors

Another important point to develop for the near future is to establish new digital communication channels. How can you create these channels? It is essential that medical professionals register in a personalized application such as Atrivity's where you can offer the most relevant content in a personalized way and receive feedback once they have consulted the information. How can you get them to register?

There are two options in our successful program: 

  • If you have a list of the doctors' details and their consent, you can upload them to the application and subsequently provide them with an access code.
  • If you do not have their data, you can create a landing page for them to register their data and accept the policies that each company has defined for this type of activity.

From this moment on, you will only have to define what content will appear within the application, what your audience of health professionals is like, and what time intervals you propose for delivering the information. Finally, you will be able to consult the degree of knowledge in real time and be able to reinforce it in the most convenient aspects.

Pharmaceutical Industry - Remote Visit - Healthcare Professional - Sales - Commercial - Product Launch - Vaccine - Covid19 - Coronavirus


Atrivity's team conclusions

The Healthcare sector is playing a key role in response to the pandemic, but at the same time its business model is being challenged by the impact of COVID-19, especially in relation to customer interaction and internal training. Many doctors believe that patient access to hospitals and healthcare facilities will be limited even in a post-COVID-19 environment, implying a need to master virtual relationships.

Atrivity offers the opportunity to develop several virtual plans for the field force, HPCs and patients. We are doing our part to take the health industry one step further in the fight against the pandemic through a new digital experience, identifying knowledge and boosting communication.

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