How to Keep Consumer Electronics Channel Partners Engaged with a Mobile Game

Consumer electronics brands face a highly competitive landscape when it comes to staying top-of-mind to reach the expected channel partner performance. Channel partners are key to getting your products in front of potential customers and you rely on their sales associates to make the impact needed on the final sale.

Consumer Electronics Channel Partners Mobile Game

The sales people you depend on to influence shoppers must have the right information at the right time to make a real impact the actual decision to buy. But periodic product releases, product details, ever-changing technologies, numerous competitors, and high employee turnover altogether make truly influential messaging to potential buyers a challenge.

Shoppers with the goal to make the best decision, especially when it comes to latest trends and technologies in consumer electronics turn to sales associates to help them make the best possible choice. But how can channel leaders be sure that sales people on the floor are motivated to push their brand?

Both top and emerging brands fight for the same space to try to stick to sales people's minds and capture buyers' attention. You need effective ways to deliver the product knowledge in a timely way for desired business performance.

Managers responsible for enabling channels to reach forecasted sales need to keep these key partners motivated to transfer the knowledge to their sales teams. Once signed onto your partnership program, you'll want to ramp them up and maintain continuous and reliable contact to face the common challenges in keeping your consumer products at the forefront.

So what can you do to overcome the main challenges in keeping them engaged? Those who succeed will win the mindshare of their partners. As a leader in channel management you'll want to reduce the time, cost and inconvenience as much as possible between you and the distributor.

A mobile game like Atrivity can help overcome these common channel partner challenges and get your brand to not only stand out, but to get you to your product sales goals:

  • Persuade partners to increase mindshare
    • Use a unique way to get key information to channels
    • Game mechanics make the way to absorb information fun and engaging
  • Capture their attention to increase engagement
    • Content is microcontent, short, small, easy to absorb packages
    • Game format with questions in the form of challenges
  • Time-saving communication channels
    • Decrease the time it takes to get key information
    • Make details accessible any time of day
  • Communicate effectively to all channel partners
    • Segment messages for great impact
    • Standardize information reduces errors in messaging
  • Get information out quickly
    • Avoid delays in transferring key knowledge
    • Deliver information remotely and to mobile devices
  • Onboard partners and their new hires
    • Reach partners and hires on an ongoing basis
    • Deliver consistent messaging and product content as new sales people enter your channels
  • Measure partners and sales associate engagement with meaningful KPIs
    •  Knowledge increase
    • Time spent training
    • Time spent playing
    • Failed questions

Once product knowledge transfer and communication channels are established, it's key to keep momentum up. Consumer electronics industry experiences constant product releases and its distribution channels often suffer from high rotation and stiff competition for sales associates' share of mind. A productive relationship starts with effective onboarding, open communication channels, and ongoing motivation. 

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